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Heaven sent facials


Divine intervention

A glorious Anti-Ageing facial, supremely relaxing and rejuvenating. The ultimate in combined facial therapies, which includes, double cleanse, with mechanical brush cleansing, microdermabrasion, ampoule with galvanic current, micro current to stimulate lymphatic and blood circulation, treatment masque, head and foot massage, aromatherapy facial massage, jade stone sweeping and  chromatherpy light, all whilst being cocooned in a warm heated couch, a must for all facial connoisseurs.

Allow 2 hours     £99.00

Goddess within

Relax and luxuriate in an unparalleled multi-sensory experience. This treatment envelops you in ultra-comfort, relaxation and wellbeing to maximise the luxurious sensations of hand performed exfoliation, gentle steaming, acupressure massage using essential oils, crystal or stone therapy, an intensive hand treatment, vacuum suction, head and foot massage, luxurious fleece treatment, your skin will feel toned, polished deliciously scented and quite simply radiant.

Allow 2 hours     £90.00

Angels whisper

Your journey commences with an aromatic relaxing foot massage using warm essential oils. While your neck and shoulders are gently warmed and relaxed with strategically placed hot stones. A double cleanse and facial exfoliation is performed followed by a gentle steam or thermotherapy.  A rich, nutritive serum is applied to the face and neck then a heavenly, delicate massage ritual is performed using a pure white satin scarf.  Drift off into another world wrapped in satin sheets, while your skin is being hydrated and completely de-stressed. A gentle masque is applied and a head massage performed. The result is radiant, luminous, angelic skin.

Allow 90minutes     £75.00

Solid-bio-Matrix with Caviar

The freeze- dried Bio-Matrix sheet is made of pure insoluble Collagen fibres containing freeze-dried, soluble Caviar extract. The bio-matrix has an anti-irritant effect; it contains no perfume or preservatives.

The Caviar restores and stimulates biological cell growth and stabilises connective tissue leading to improved elasticity of the skin.

The extraordinary ampoule used with the treatment contains caviar extract – with mucopolysaccharides, algae extracts and an oyster shell extract which are combined to form a ‘life elixir’ for the skin.  Suitable for all skin types but a fantastic restorative treatment for mature or fatigued skin.

Allow 90 minutes      £60.00

Solid-bio Matrix plus Ginkgo-Biloba

The freeze-dried bio-Matrix sheet is made of pure insoluble Collagen fibres containing Freeze-dried soluble Gingko-Biloba extract.

Gingko Biloba stimulates the skins metabolism, prevents inflammation, counteracts free radicals, diminishes lines and wrinkles and strengthens the skin. Suitable for all skin types but especially recommended for mature and demanding skin.

Allow 90 minutes        £60.00

Solid-bio-Matrix plus Dermo-Relax

Freeze-dried bio-Matrix sheet is made of pure insoluble collagen fibres containing Myoxinol, a plant-derived complex from Hibiscus Esculentus seeds.

Dermo-Relax, this is a special treatment that smooth’s expression lines and relaxes facial features. There is a gentle immobilization of the facial muscles without using invasive techniques. (Almost like Botox, but without the injection!)  Suitable for all skin types.

Allow 90 minutes      £60.00

Solid-bio-Matrix plus Aloe Vera

Freeze-dried bio Matrix sheet is made of pure insoluble Collagen fibres containing freeze-dried soluble Aloe Vera Gel.

The Aloe Vera Gel supports regeneration of damaged skin, diminishes erythema, soothing and it counteracts inflammation. Suitable for all skin types but especially recommended for damaged and irritated skin.

Allow 90 minutes      £60.00

CV-Soft Lifting Masque with Belisome

Three insoluble collagen fleeces, face, eyes and neck are used with a luxurious ampoule containing  active ingredients, Mucopolysaccharides, Liposomes (Belsiome) Aloe Vera extract and natural moisturising complex. This facial beautifully  treats the entire face and neck, leading to deep skin moisturizing and cooling, regulation of  skin functions, improved skin  tonus and turgor, soothes, tones and  tightens while highly emollient. For all types and age of skin, especially suitable to improve tonus and turgor of skin.

Allow 90 minutes      £70.00

PhysioMarine Caviar Balance Complex

Thalasso –repair- masque on Alginate basis. Essential ingredients include Caviar, Sea water and Alginate. This facial is highly moisturising, balancing and soothing.it firms and refines the skins profile while stimulating repair mechanisms. It balances epidermal nutrient deficits and has a comforting occlusive effect. Generally skin type independent, especially suitable for stressed and sensitive skin.

Allow 60 minutes      £45.00

PhysioMarine Age Control-Vital C

Anti-ageing soft setting Masque treatment with essential ingredients Acerola  extract, Vitamin C and Alginates. Treats face, eyes and neck. Protects cells against free radicals, prevents skin ageing, has an occlusive effect, tightens skin structure and is highly moisturising.  A wonderful facial for hydration and luminosity. Generally skin type independent, but especially recommended for mature and demanding skin.

Allow 60 minutes      £45.00

PhysioMarine Skin Regeneration-Spirulina Maxima

Thalasso regeneration with soft setting Algae Masque treatment. Essential ingredients are Spirulina extract, Menthol and Alginate. Treats face, eyes and neck. Highly moisturising, supports skin regeneration, vitalises the skins metabolism, cooling and invigorating with an occlusive effect. Skin type independent, especially recommended for mature and tired skin and for skins with low blood circulation, e.g. smokers skin.  Also effective for slightly greasy skin with enlarged pores.

Allow 60 minutes      £45.00

Cocoon Grenadine Spa Facial

This treatment combines the classic Mousse-Cocoon method with facial massage using an intensive ampoule and state of the art phyto-stemcell actives to form an effective and stimulating treatment. The occlusive cocoon leads to a temperature rise in the skin tissue that result in increased blood circulation, activated lymphatic flow and optimized absorption of active ingredients. The essential ingredients are, phyto-stemcells from grape,  phyto-stemcells from apple, fresh cells  from carrot, pomegranate extract, gemmcoclam, mango kernel butter and vitamin E. This facial is highly regenerative and leaves the skin feeling like velvet.

Allow 90 minutes     £60.00

Champagne –OPC Facial

This treatment provides vitality and luxury for the skin.  During your consultation you will be offered a glass or two of Champagne! During the facial a small amount of champagne is added to your peeling crème, masque and ampoule. The bubbles activate the Champagne extract OPC and red vine leaf extract in the ampoule. Together they develop a variety of positive effects. Optimal cellular protection in the connective tissue, enhanced blood circulation in the capillary vessels and improved nutrient and oxygen supply counteract skin ageing. It protects and strengthens the skin. Luxuriate in the wonderfully sensuous Fan Brush massage; this is a truly decadent facial, one to be savoured!

Allow 2 hours       £90.

The Dr Belter ampoule programme.

These facials use the Dr Belter intensive ampoules which contain especially pure and effective active concentrates. The most suitable ampoule is selected for each skin type and condition. The concentrated serum can be applied before the massage crème and also added to the masque. For an intensive treatment the ampoule can be administered using Iontophoresis (Galvanic Current) the serum is absorbed deeply in the skin for full effect.

Ampoules include-: 1. Hy O Silk 2. Vitamin Ginseng 3. Algae Extract 4. Aloe Vera 5. Regeneration 6. Champagne 7. Caviar Oligomer 8. Antistress 9. Lifting Essence 10. Physio Energy 11. Acne Repair 12. Hydraluronic Acid

Allow 60 minutes     £45.00

All facials include skin analysis and consultation.  Cleanse, tone, peeling, (electrical brush or crème) massage (face, neck and shoulders or head) masque and moisturising crème.

Because of the extensive range of facials on offer, I am unable to list them all individually with the accompanying description. Below you will find a list of extra facials, please contact me if you would like details.  Remember that key aspects of 2 or more facials can be blended to create a custom made treatment just for you!

  1. Aromatherapy facial.
  2. Paraffin wax facial.
  3. Steam facial.
  4. Peeling facial.
  5. Whitening facial.
  6. Indirect high frequency facial.
  7. Vacuum suction facial.
  8. Vacuum pulse facial.
  9. Pantry facial.
  10. Swedish facial.